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Ulna Osteotomie System


  • Ulnar shortening osteotomies

Technical features

  • Several possible approaches: palmar, lateral or dorsal
  • Low-profile plate with rounded edges to prevent soft tissue irritation
  • Innovative rack-and-pinion compression system allowing for precise control of compression level
  • Precontoured implants for a reliable surgery technique and stable construct: double fixation in the proximal cortical area (sliding effect) allowing for optimal reduction of the 2 bone fragments and efficient stability of the construct thanks to the fixed-angle (50°) interfragmentary screw


  • Symmetrical ulnar shortening plate (77 mm)
  • Fixation: Ø3.5 mm locking and non-locking cortical screws, length 10 to 26 mm (2mm increment), Ø2.8 mm interfragmentary non-locking cortical screw, length 16 to 24 mm (2mm increment)

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